Achy, Coughy, Yucky – Flu Season

Achy, Coughy, Yucky – Flu Season

Last week I received a note from my daughters school. It was requesting permission to administer the flu shot and it dawned on me. It’s FLU SEASON!

I had the flu once in my lifetime. I was a teenager then, I think about 8th grade and I contracted the flu . I was down for about 2 weeks. When I returned to school I was a bag of bones (keep in mind I was already border line size zero). At this stage I looked like death and I felt like I had just been resurrected.

I maybe exaggerating when I say this but the flu virus has got to be one of the most nastiest infectious type contagion known to man (Yea I know AIDs exists but stay with me here). I remember my body aching, my eyes barely opening, sleeping for hours on end, not eating, not even having energy to get up and bathe. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Now that I am a parent of two beautiful daughters I always get paranoid when its flu season. If I couldn’t handle it at age 13/ 14 years old certainly my babies can’t and worse now the strain has evolved and is much more deadlier than some umpteen years ago.

According to the flu season is proving to be a very active one this year and the vaccine is just not as effective as it use to be against the dominant strain H3N2.

While there has always been a debate on whether to get the FLU shot, how you still end up with the flu after receiving it and if it is effective at all is always tossed in the air I have no issues with the shot per say. I’ve gotten it before and so have my kids and we somehow managed to not contract the virus that year.ย  Though, it is a bit alarming when the CDC tells you “hey this really isn’t as effective as it use to be”.

I’ve decided to be more proactive in my approach to this deadly season. Of course we practice the norm washing hands, dousing ourselves in sanitizer,ย  bleach, bleach, bleach everywhere!!!! But I’m not with them 24/7.ย  My kids are around other kids and more than just a fruit snack is going to be shared.

Prevention is always the best cure so I over compensate when it comes to fruits and veggies especially berries that are full of natural antibiotics and antioxidants. I also give a daily vitamin. EVERY. FRIGGING. DAY. RELIGIOUSLY. Kiddie Pharmaton is my go to while there are many others on the market to choose from.ย  Restful bodies tend to be more healthier as well and my kids are no exception so sticking to my bedtime routine is key. Lastly let them buggers play!! Exercise and keeping that oxygen flowing not only makes them tired and preps them for bed but also helps to combat illnesses.

While I’m still on the fence with signing this note and having my child get the flu shot keep in mind that ineffective does not mean useless so there is a chance that shot could save a life.

Please share ways you and your family combat the flu virus in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Whatever you choose stay happy and healthy!

Till next time..