All About Summer Camp Guide – 2017

All About Summer Camp Guide – 2017

Singing  “It’s summer” in my Olaf voice from Frozen!

Can you imagine another school year has just whirled on by and while I am rejoicing for the break of not having to iron uniforms (I absolutely HATE ironing) I also cringe at the thought of now having to find a safe and fun environment for my kid during the summer break (again)! With that said take a look at the All About Summer Camp Guide!

Let’s start with the free camps, simply because its free and free is always AWESOME!

Bahamas National Trust has an amazing Eco Camp in Andros from July 7th – 14th your child can learn about marine life and how important preservation is to our country, among other amazing facts.

Kingdom Life Church is offering a FREE music camp for ages 5 years to 12 years old.  Learning music improves academics, boost self esteem and is just down right fun!

The Cat Island Accordion and French project is hosting its very own day camp and yes there are accommodations for off islanders. While there is a registration fee the camp itself is free and runs from July 17th -31st.

The Royal Bahamas Police and Defense Force also host Free Camps every summer. This year camps begin June 26th – August 4th. . You can collect registration forms at your nearest station.

Featured Camps

I’ve encountered so many amazing camps in my search that this post would be limitless if I remotely tried to list them all.  Below you’ll find a few of my favorites and a link that will make you relive all of your child hood experiences at Camp. Click each photo to find out more information on the camp of your choice.























































If you are looking for a bit more selection, and trust me there is a lot more, try here. You will finds camps in all shapes and sizes, from the arts to horse back riding. Ranging from $25 -$500.

What ever you choose make sure its safe and fun!

Have a camp you want featured?

Summer Camp



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The Easter Break – Camp and Holiday Fun

The Easter Break – Camp and Holiday Fun

I received a letter from both Navy and Dilly’s school reminding me that Easter Break was fast approaching. I instantly got excited! No more uniforms to iron, no more bags to pack and I can finally sleep a few minutes later because there will be no traffic!!

Yay right?!, Wrong! I instantly went into a panic because now I need a babysitter! For about a week in half, maybe two, I don’t know I threw the note somewhere, I need someone to make sure these kids don’t starve and burn down the house.

I know other parents out there share my plea. It’s a never ending cycle. I pay school fee then I pay babysitters. Grammy’s now a days still work and if they don’t, they have plans.. Go ahead ask your mom I betcha she has something to do!

So now what? I thought about taking a sabbatical but couldn’t quite find a legit reason. Then I thought I’d just bring them to work hide them under my desk and feed them crackers in exchange for complete silence. I thought about the kinds of kids I have and instantly knew that won’t work, so now plan C.

Easter Camp!! The Holy Grail has surfaced! I managed to list a few below for you. If interested just click photo and it will lead you to the camp of your dreams, or not. Entirely up to you!

Little Prodigies Music & Arts School

The Children’s Library

Paint Your Own Pottery -PYOP

Ardastra Gardens

When in doubt head on over to Nassau Kids Zone or Summer Camps in Nassau Bahamas for more camps and other Easter related activities!

What’s an Easter Break without any fun activities? If you are looking for something to do other than going to the beach or the movies here’s a good place to start!

Adventure Learning Center


Blush Destinations


Harbour Bay

National Art Gallery

Southwest Plaza

Youth Empowerment Program

 Solomon’s Fresh Market (OFB)

Don’t eat too much Hot Cross Buns!

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Walk ME To School…

When I was younger I walked to primary school. Sometimes with my big sisters but as time pressed on and they went on to junior high I walked with other kids in the neighborhood.

Well except this one time, the neighbor had a bad dog and I was terrified of walking but that’s another story…

It was different then. It was the 90’s and there was a group of us and I was at least in the 3rd grade or higher.

Now a days I see kids walking to school, can’t be no more than 5 years old or less ALONE!

It’s scary out there with big highways and fast cars. Way more than what I was use to in my time.

I have a 5 year old and I would NEVER let her walk to school alone at this age.

Are you parents cray cray?!!

Ok I get it.

Wait no I don’t…

See I have work at 7.30am… The crack of dawn and I am not even a morning person so let that sink in.

I have two kids to drop off all before I get to work and guess what…

None of them are walking or left alone inside the school yard.

It is possible to do this because HELLO I am doing it! And I don’t have a housekeeper or nanny to assist either .. Although I do have an awesome mom that can assist when needed but that’s not the point..

Parents we need to network and open up. Not every works a 9-5 and it’s difficult juggling work and being a parent. I know this, I get it. But there has to be a way to assist one another. Talk to the teacher, ask your neighbor, the security guard, a family member someone that can assist with transporting your kids safely to school.

I made friends with a parent that has a son in the same school, same grade but not same class. I leave my 5 year old with her. I trust her and she trusts me. Now a days this is not the norm but it is possible.

Before that I had spoken with the teacher, found out my options of how I can secure my child to school and still make it to work on time. If that didn’t work out I had a plan c. Having a chat with my boss and seeing what could’ve been done.

My kids are precious and safety is very important. You child should be as well. It’s scary and cold out there.

So mommy or daddy won’t you walk your kids to school? Please?

Till next time…