Week One – Back To School

Week  One – Back To School

I withdraw my two year old from K3 after one week of school. 

Naturally I anticipated my Dilly to have what I consider separation anxiety like most kids her age and to be all soggy eyed and snotty nose on the first day.

The big day came and she now wore the same uniform as big sister.  My Dilly was excited as she rolled her Paw Patrol bag along side of her big sister Navy out the door to take our traditional first day of school pics.

On to K3 !!

As expected the classroom was filled with tears and screams, kids running after parents and quickly Dilly followed suit. It wasn’t long until she realized that both big sister and mommy were leaving her and well my heart died a little inside. But you know, I summed it up to first day jitters. 

Excited about pick up I rushed to my Dilly only to find her still sniffling and visibly shaken up. It’s just the first day Daphne she’ll get use to it. It wasn’t until we were all settled on the ride home I realized my daughter had a full lunch back right down to the juice and water. My Dilly hadn’t eaten or drank all day!!

Next morning bright and early Teacher and I had a chat. First day jitters she said , sure OK let’s try this again.

Insert Day 2.

The entire week went by with my Dilly crying every morning at drop off and finding her crying every evening at pick up. LUNCH BAG UNTOUCHED. An entire week and my 2 year old in K3  had not eaten or drank.

I have a history with the school. My oldest Navy has thrived very well, in fact she entered K3 at the tender age of 2 and is now currently in grade 3. It seemed natural to marry the two in the same environment. The benefits seemed unmatched.

Could I really have the simplicity of one drop off and one pick up?

After trying different tips and tricks to comfort Dilly and ease her into school and chatting with Teacher one more time who confirmed that she was withdrawn during class, crying off and on and still not eating,  I decided to end Dilly’s suffering and withdraw her from school. Despite big sisters success, I also realized no two kids are alike and every one processes things differently.

She began to cry at the sight of her uniform and obviously was starving herself at school surviving on drips of water.

I realized that I made the best decision when over the weekend while getting dressed in the mornings she began to cry and saying no. Poor thing thought we were getting dressed for school. She was clearly traumatized.

Dilly came from a much smaller environment, with a maximum of 10 kids per class. The new school has over 30 per class, luckily there is a teachers aide present. She was also a premature baby being born at just 2lbs 1oz. I originally wanted her to enter K2 but because she turns 3 before the year is out I was advise that it was not an option. Hesitant I decided to give K3 a try.

My most frequently asked question? What about the money I spent? 

Sure I took a loss, uniforms and books were already bought but after just one week the school has refund policies in place for school fees. Honestly though money could never come in the way of my child’s well being.

I was encouraged to give her another week but no way was I going to allow her to starve and practically be dehydrated all over again for the sake of money spent.

I wrote this because I know many are going to experience first days in the upcoming weeks and while alot will be first day jitters pay attention to your child , follow your instinct and your heart.


This was in no way written to bash the school but to increase awareness.

Until next time….