Step Right Up – The Holiday Carnival

Step Right Up – The Holiday Carnival

You never really  see it coming, one day you’re driving and notice a little sign around the round about “Holiday Carnival” or you may pass the set up area and see trailers off loading and then you know. It’s here!

(Video cred Michael Culmer 242 in the know)

Round and Round we go! McCafferty Enterprises sets up on Fort Charlotte and once again gives us locals another fun  time at the  Carnival. Not sure if they were hoping to gain the attention of tourists with the location change but with twice as much space and twice as much dust you can be sure that the new location adds to the nostalgia of the Holidays.

You won’t find an issue with parking although some areas are more well lit than others, there is ample space on either the eastern or western side of the Carnivals entrance. Being that I drive a particular vehicle that starts with the letter H I was particularly concerned but nonetheless it’s probably no safer than my own yard.

Once in expect to pay $7 for adults and $5 for kids age 3 years and younger/in a stroller are free of charge, but don’t quote me as this price seems to fluctuate (was told it was $5 for adults and $3 for kids but who knows)


Now you’re in!Fun begins and money starts to spend! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Depending on the age group most rides for younger kids start at 3 tickets and go up to 6 tickets  for the more mature crowd. Tickets are $1.25 each. This year they reintroduced the packaged tickets which for me made much more sense money wise.

With two kids in tow I purchased the family sheet and was on my way! I would imagine with a larger family you would need the larger package. Shoots even I was borderline low on tickets and found my self back on the line trying to balance out the last few rides so budget accordingly.

One thing I liked this year was that the tickets can rollover to another day (again don’t quote me). Normally you would have to use all of your tickets during the same visit or forfeit it all, ticket agent assured me this was not the case but I still tried to use just about all that I purchased. Oh but bear in mind there is no reentry.




This year there was over 15 rides not including the games, your favorite 25cent Glass throw, Balloon darts, I mean they all came back.

They brought back all the favorites and then some like the YoYo, Gravitron, Merry Go Round and Mr.Dragon!


Yes the Over and Under table is still there and yes so is the Kalik tent! Word of advice the Kalik tent has water for $1 the other guys has it for $3.


Traditionally I never buy food at the carnival with the exception of a few must haves like the pizza and of course cotton candy. I was surprised to find most vendors were actually “affordable”.  Had I not already infused in my child’s brain the promised of a my little pony toy from Mickey D’s I would have no issue treating myself to some chicken and fries!



Please keep in mind especially with little kids that bathroom situation is port a potties.  I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of these things and unless I missed it there is no where to wash your hands. So if you don’t already take LOTS of Hand Sanitizer hand towels tissue…yea I think you get the idea or better yet just leave at this stage.

As usual over all the experience was a memory maker and with Arawak Cay right next door it made for the perfect time to stop and enjoy some fritters with the family and over look the harbor. Yes it is expensive but like MasterCard commercial the smiles I get is priceless.

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Holiday Happenings

Can you believe it! We are just days away from Christmas!!!

Holiday Happenings

I have to admit Christmas on the Island can get a little bit dull at times. There’s a lack of diversity in things to do around this time of year and you find yourself repeating the Junkanoo and Carnival Ritual over and over.

Until now…

I was able to find a few activities that you and your family can attend during this merry season.

Christmas on the Cay – Located at Arawak Cay, the Christmas Village is open to the public every weeknight from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. Admission is FREE and you’ll find mouth watering holiday treats, you can take a photo with Santa among other activities such as face painting and bouncing castle. This will be going on for the entire month of December.

Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl – On Friday Dec 23rd, The Bahamas will be hosting Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl again this year. Here’s your chance to see some real action where college football teams compete. This promises to be lots of fun for the family. Pre Game at 10am, tickets on sale stadium.

Skate City Shhh Teen Headphones party – This newly open Roller Skating Rink is having a headphone party on Monday December 26th starting at 6pm. For just $15 you and the kiddies can skate and dance in a safe and fun atmosphere. Skate Party

Let’s not forget places like Mario’s Bowling Palace, Galleria Cinemas and Marina Village. Or you can always just stay home and make it a movie date.

So where are you going this Holiday?

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under $50

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under $50

There are exactly 25 days until Christmas! Can you believe it! I am sitting here like what have I done all year!! Well any ways, it’s about that time we shell out crap loads of cash to buy our loved ones a thing or two so I figured I’d help out and put together a list of 10 things under $50 that may potentially be a gift for someone on your list. You know, so you don’t have to wake up at 4am and to catch another BTC sale. 

  1. Kindle Fire: It’s no secret that I am Kindle Fire fan. I personally don’t even use it, my 6 year old does. She’s been using the Kindle Fire line since age 3 and well 3 years later I can’t even complain! It’s survived every bump and thump, with or without the case, been replaced, thanks to Amazon awesome warranty and upgraded once since having it. At just $33 thanks to Cyber Monday/ Black Friday. You can’t lose. If you missed out on those sales don’t worry an 8G Kindle Fire runs for about $49 and at just $20 to ship and clear with PDX Express I’d say this gift is a definitely on my list. Not quite $50 but I could’nt leave this one off the list…61ey5-dskl-_sl1000_
  2. Perfume/ Cologne: I have teenage nephews and a younger sister that’s always on my Christmas list and yes I still consider them kids. Surprisingly Lowe’s Pharmacy has an awesome selection of Cologne’s and Perfumes and great names too. Starting at about $10 and up this is an awesome bargain and makes another great gift selection. Even my six year old has a Dora set from John Bull that she’s thrilled about and yes it was still under $50, oh and it came with a body wash too.
  3. Costume Jewelry: Cue in Bijoux Terner where almost everything in the store is $10…(Let’s just not think about VAT for a minute). So you can find watches, necklaces, earrings, I mean they have quite a bit of things in here for both boys and girls. Go crazy! Buy Buy Buy!Watches.jpg
  4. Bags & More Bags: So I guess I do like Bijoux Terner a bit too much. Mind you I haven’t been in there for months but hey its Christmas time and I am on a budget! In here you can find real nice clutches and small purses that are great for your growing teenager.  You might even find something for yourself. There’s a variety of sizes and styles you really can’t go wrong. Bags.jpg
  5. Reading Books: What happened to the good old days where you got real good reading books? Nancy Drew and the Babysitters Club?Or even Dr. Suess?  Well I add this to my Christmas List. Kids need a good balance and a good read never hurt anyone. You can find lots of good reads for kids of all ages online or locally in places like Kelly’s and Book world.
  6. Pajamas: No I am not kidding. I don’t know about you but I love super cool PJ’s and when the weather gets just right you’ll be happy I gifted you one! I have two kids now and yes I am totally doing the matching PJ’s thing and thought why not get a few more and give out as gifts right? I love shopping online and find the most quirkiest PJ’s. There’s also store like Sandy’s and Lorenes that offer a nice variety as well. 8afe007cfcd2fd91b08f2dbe8818ac23.jpg
  7. Puzzles: Do we not do puzzles anymore? We can’t all be on our Ipad’s and Kindles all Christmas break! Puzzles are great brain teasers and something you can do as a family! I use to love puzzles as a kid and I find that they still do make good gifts and once again are under $50.00.
  8. Board Games: Yup, call me old school but I love a good game of Monopoly! Board Games are great for  kids of all ages and again it involves family and friends. Board cames come in a variety of age groups and categories which makes the shopping process even more fun. You bound to be able to get atleast 2 board games and still have change left over for a puzzle!
  9. Baby Alive: These dolls do everything and come with everything.. well no they don’t come with everything but I think you get the jist! I remember one year my daughter had one where it pooped and peed…insert side eye here but yea. Kelly’s and Quality home center has a few of these beauty’s ranging from $35 and up. Which considering what this doll can and cannot do,I figured it’s a good bargain. Oh these things last forever…at least my daughter own did!
  10. Scooter/ Skateboard: Lastly the scooter is making a comeback (not sure if it was even gone but yea.) I figured if you can’t afford a bike, a scooter or even a skate board should be just as much fun. It gets the kids outside, works them up and tires them out which is just what I need for a smooth bed time transition!   15170919_10154324725339737_1733206379032107877_n

So there you have it! 10 items all under $50.00. A little bit for girls and little bit for boys. Of course there are lots more you can choose from and if you shop online like me your list will surely be a bit more diverse! Sorry there wasn’t a Macbook Pro or a Drone on here. Happy Holidays Islanders and Safe Shopping!

Till next time…


Mama Bethel