All About Summer Camp Guide – 2017

All About Summer Camp Guide – 2017

Singing  “It’s summer” in my Olaf voice from Frozen!

Can you imagine another school year has just whirled on by and while I am rejoicing for the break of not having to iron uniforms (I absolutely HATE ironing) I also cringe at the thought of now having to find a safe and fun environment for my kid during the summer break (again)! With that said take a look at the All About Summer Camp Guide!

Let’s start with the free camps, simply because its free and free is always AWESOME!

Bahamas National Trust has an amazing Eco Camp in Andros from July 7th – 14th your child can learn about marine life and how important preservation is to our country, among other amazing facts.

Kingdom Life Church is offering a FREE music camp for ages 5 years to 12 years old.  Learning music improves academics, boost self esteem and is just down right fun!

The Cat Island Accordion and French project is hosting its very own day camp and yes there are accommodations for off islanders. While there is a registration fee the camp itself is free and runs from July 17th -31st.

The Royal Bahamas Police and Defense Force also host Free Camps every summer. This year camps begin June 26th – August 4th. . You can collect registration forms at your nearest station.

Featured Camps

I’ve encountered so many amazing camps in my search that this post would be limitless if I remotely tried to list them all.  Below you’ll find a few of my favorites and a link that will make you relive all of your child hood experiences at Camp. Click each photo to find out more information on the camp of your choice.























































If you are looking for a bit more selection, and trust me there is a lot more, try here. You will finds camps in all shapes and sizes, from the arts to horse back riding. Ranging from $25 -$500.

What ever you choose make sure its safe and fun!

Have a camp you want featured?

Summer Camp



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The Easter Break – Camp and Holiday Fun

The Easter Break – Camp and Holiday Fun

I received a letter from both Navy and Dilly’s school reminding me that Easter Break was fast approaching. I instantly got excited! No more uniforms to iron, no more bags to pack and I can finally sleep a few minutes later because there will be no traffic!!

Yay right?!, Wrong! I instantly went into a panic because now I need a babysitter! For about a week in half, maybe two, I don’t know I threw the note somewhere, I need someone to make sure these kids don’t starve and burn down the house.

I know other parents out there share my plea. It’s a never ending cycle. I pay school fee then I pay babysitters. Grammy’s now a days still work and if they don’t, they have plans.. Go ahead ask your mom I betcha she has something to do!

So now what? I thought about taking a sabbatical but couldn’t quite find a legit reason. Then I thought I’d just bring them to work hide them under my desk and feed them crackers in exchange for complete silence. I thought about the kinds of kids I have and instantly knew that won’t work, so now plan C.

Easter Camp!! The Holy Grail has surfaced! I managed to list a few below for you. If interested just click photo and it will lead you to the camp of your dreams, or not. Entirely up to you!

Little Prodigies Music & Arts School

The Children’s Library

Paint Your Own Pottery -PYOP

Ardastra Gardens

When in doubt head on over to Nassau Kids Zone or Summer Camps in Nassau Bahamas for more camps and other Easter related activities!

What’s an Easter Break without any fun activities? If you are looking for something to do other than going to the beach or the movies here’s a good place to start!

Adventure Learning Center


Blush Destinations


Harbour Bay

National Art Gallery

Southwest Plaza

Youth Empowerment Program

 Solomon’s Fresh Market (OFB)

Don’t eat too much Hot Cross Buns!

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The Holiday Carnival 

The Holiday Carnival 

Let’s talk about the Carnival.

No not that Carnival!

This carnival!

For as long as I can remember every year around the Christmas break the “Carnival” comes and give us Bahamians something to do other than go to Junkanoo.

Yay right!! I mean we can’t go the beach all year round!

Not gonna lie I use to look forward to the carnival every year as a child. I mean the rides, the games, the candy apple and the PIZZA!! The carnival was the spot! It was so good sometimes my family and I went more than once.

There was nothing more magical than riding past that ole beat up sports center and seeing those lights in the distance.

Now that I have pickneys of my own that holiday tradition is still carried through except this time I could barely do half the stuff I did when my dad took me.

I mean the popcorn was $4.00!! That’s a value meal at Wendy’s 😑.

The entrance fee was the same for both me and my six year old and if my one year old wasn’t in a stroller or held up I would’ve paid for her too…ugh no 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Once inside the same ole magic reappeared from when I was a child until I reached to the ticket counter.

$1.25 a ticket.. Like a bus ride is the same price as a carnival ticket. But let’s continue…

The carnival tried to offer some kind of sensibility to this madness.

Insert the family sheets.  I got 26 tickets which I figured would be more than enough for a six year old, right?

So of course we get to the dinky fun rides and all of them are minimum 3 tickets… (There goes my sheet!)  The kids rides barely lift half a foot off the ground but I digress. Round and round my daughter went, circle after circle for nearly 5 minutes or more (maybe less I don’t know I was dizzy and over it )

Believe it or not there are about 25 rides in that place one for every age group, not including the games, the food stall and let’s not forget the Over and Under Table.

By far the best ride my six year old went on was the obstacle course! I admit it was pretty cool and I wanted to go in more than once. Totally worth the $ 3.75.

And then there was this guy. I mean 4 tickets for this bs… Stay away from Mr Wiggle Wurm. He did nothing! Like more circles 😑

After spending $4.00 on popcorn I had to find the lady with them chicken and fries. I made a bad call earlier and I couldn’t mess up again!

In between we caught a few fish for $5.00 per game. Got a few stuffed animals , popped some balloons for $10.00 (3 darts) hit up the pizza lady and ugh yea!

Carnival experience was complete!

Times have changed, the price tag certainly has changed but the Carnival still boasts a great family experience.

So even if you didn’t win big at the “Big Bang” there’s still something to look forward to and that’s family time!

Till next time


Birthday, It’s Her Birthday!

Birthday, It’s Her Birthday!

This past weekend my oldest celebrated her 6th birthday and boy that smile is something I will never forget!

It took quite a bit to get to this point though and some planning though to me it was minimal and effortless to some it may be over whelming. That’s why I decided to share some 6 budget friendly tips on how to plan a  6th birthday party…Bahamian Style!

  1. Rent a bouncing castle! No Bahamian Kids party is complete without a bouncing castle. No seriously, if I came to your house and you didn’t have a bounce house my child probably wouldn’t stay…unless it was summer and you had a pool. I had Friendly Faces hook me up with a generic bounce house for about $80.00. I didn’t have a traditional theme so generic was the way to go for this party and it worked out just fine!
  2. Bring on the Party Favors. It is almost customary to have party favors at your party. I decided to go the non traditional route for this one. I went to Variety Disposable, got some 12 oz clear plastic cups with lids, Mac’s Mart for a bag of assorted flavored candy (and I mean the good ones , not the no name generic stuff) and some super squiggle straws in assorted colors from Amazon and bam I had party favors and I only cost me like $40 in total, so yea winner, winner, chicken dinner. I had some really awesome “Thank You” labels made by Tammy Mcphee for the cups and I loved them! 15094985_10153898787157441_8322270942206088339_n
  3. Adjust your menu. I knew I was inviting a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds so no way they were getting Pea’s and Rice, Cole slaw and BBQ Ribs. I brought out the good ole fashion Hot Dogs and Burgers! The Hot Dogs were a hit for the kids, no one really touched the burgers but over all I think I did OK. I went right to Purity Bakery got me 24 Burger Buns, 24 Hotdog Buns and finished it off by getting Bun Length Hot Dogs with 24 in  a pack , 16 pack of Burgers, Condiments from Variety Disposable and once again my budget barely tipped over $40 in total. I mean I am getting good at this!! Don’t worry the parents got the good stuff. BBQ Wings, Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Buns, like I said the party was for the kids but hey Parents have to eat too! These were donated by a loving family member so no expense there. What can I say, I am just that kind of girl you’d want to help out…or my daughter is 😉 Cotton Candy came from Celestial Treats, and can I tell you I still have extras at home. I was surprised at how large they were for the price. I mean $1.25 per bag, you just can’t beat that.  I also got some really cool bags for popcorn at Variety Disposable containing 10 per pack at just $2 and large bag of popcorn for $4 from super value and I popped them at home. Luckily for me at the time Milo Butler was having a sale on Capri Sun for just $8 a case…that’s 40 juice boxes. Can you say win win?! Soda’s from Meat Max at $24 for 24 and ugh yea…Party! Party! Party!
  4. Cake, Cake, Cake! I went straight to The Cookie Hut for a sheet cake that was more than sufficient for the guest count . Sheet cake totaled $45 and I had plenty left over! The kids were super excited and not to mentioned it tasted awesome! Let’s not forget the number 6 candle courtesy of my friends over at Variety! I mean that place has some cool stuff..yea that was $2 and a drop in the bucket!
  5. Games and Things! What’s a party without some games and prizes and extra fun things to snack on right? So we played the traditional stuff, musical chairs, red rover even did a mini mannequin challenge! I am telling you it was fun, fun, fun! I got some really cool prizes from Quality Home Center that didn’t go over $10 in total and a birthday banner from Home Fabrics for $2.
  6. Have a seat or two, or more of course. I got tables and chairs donated once again by a loving Family Friend. When in doubt just ask. You’ll be surprised who has some things and willing to help a sister out. So about 18 chairs and 4-6ft tables and I was rocking and rolling. Of course there were things like the table linens that I got from Home Fabrics for $12.00 in total. These were plastic of course. I was not about to add to my laundry list and renting them didn’t seem logical enough.

Voila! 6th Birthday was a blast. Oh and for music I just set a blue tooth speaker at the door and kidz bop the hell out of that party and ugh yea!

Did you add those totals? I think I did pretty good with the budget!

Well till next time..



Mama Bethel