My $10 Boat Excursion

My $10 Boat Excursion

I am always on the look out for fun and affordable family entertainment, so when I stumbled upon this new excursion I immediately added it on my summer to do list.

Total Package Water Sports Cruise has an awesome summer feature called  Family Sunday Sail Away. Every Sunday from June 4th to August 27th you and your family can enjoy a beach day at Rose Island packed with games, prizes and surprises.

For only $10, anyone above the age of two (age two and under is free) can enjoy a boat ride from Prince George Wharf to Rose Island. No food and drinks are allowed on board and believe me they do search your bags before you enter but no worries on board there are food and drinks on sale. Most meals run for about $6 max and the menu comprised of items such as fritters, hotdog and hamburgers, mixed drinks, waters and sodas.

Enjoy the hour ride by taking in the views of the harbor and a brief stop for fish feeding before docking on Rose Island.

Once on Rose Island do as you please but be sure to not get left behind! The ride back is filled with Family Oriented Games and prizes by the friendly crew to help keep the kids entertained.

No need to purchase tickets in advance or make reservations. Simply just show up and the rest is up you.


Check out flyer below for more details and as always stay safe!


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A Slice of Little Caesar

A Slice of Little Caesar

What started out as a routine Saturday filled with paying bills and grocery shopping turned into a slice of fun. I am still not sure if it was a grand opening but Little Caesars sure turned up. This stop wasn’t planned at all, in fact I had no idea they were even open.

The popular pizza brand Little Caesar has made its way to the sunny isle of the Bahamas, Nassau to be specific. Tucked  away  just between The Nassau Guardian and Xtra Value food store you’ll find Hot – N – Ready pizzas starting at only $7!

Ok first things first, the food. I know you want to know about the food! Despite the slogan, no pizza was ready upon my arrival. But, if this was indeed a Grand Opening I will give these guys the benefit of the doubt, they must have been slammed with customers and I completely understood. The attendant was more than pleasant and promised me a Hot – N – Ready pepperoni pizza in 10-15 minutes or less.

The time was easily spent. Unbeknownst to me a mini fair was going on right outside that was hidden away from the street entrance. This distraction would more than help me to kill time (clever, clever Little Caesar’s).

Equipped with balloon animals, bounce house, popcorn, snow cones, party bags and yes the Little Caesar Mascot, my kids were more than entertained. At one point I was so engaged we almost forgot about the pizza, ALMOST.

So, how was it? Well worth all the freebies I got and then some. Oh, yea I forgot to mention all those items above were free!

The pizza was eight slices of cheesy pepperoni  goodness. I know what you’re saying, oh gosh another pizza franchise. But the pizza is ready, you know almost like drive thru but you walk in and supposedly walk right back out, so no wait time, plus did I mention it tasted great?

Most grand openings are a huge mess. You know long lines, uneducated staff, sometimes even burnt food but Little Caesars gets my $7, but then again I am still not sure it was a grand opening.

Have you tried it yet? Whats your favorite pizza?

Till next…

The Birds and The Bees

The Birds and The Bees

How many of us have had the “talk” with our parents? You know, the “where do babies come from” kind of talk. Let’s be real, its almost considered taboo to talk about sex let alone with your own kids. That’s like blasphemy!

To be honest my parents never talked to me about sex. I was just expected to get good grades and not get pregnant before I finished high school. Simple as that.

Maybe our parents thought if they prayed hard enough then Susie wouldn’t come home with a baby…maybe.


Truth is kids are having sex, I mean some have more mileage than you and I but we aren’t going to venture there. The reality is that they need to be educated not only on how to prevent pregnancy and STD’s but also on how to have standards and morals.

Why are we so afraid of this talk is beyond me. If we don’t teach them someone else will.

When should you talk about sex?

The sooner the better! My then five year old came home one weekend and educated me about the topic. Naturally I was mortified. I hadn’t talked to her about it thinking she was too young and there she went and got her own tutorial. Her six year old cousin politely gave her an earful granted I am sure the information was inaccurate.

When should we stop talking about it?

Never. OK I am exaggerating a bit. Our babies can’t stay babies forever. But there are a lot of babies having babies. It’s like some parents have let their guard down and are simply satisfied with finishing school. Not judging, I get it. No really I do. They are grown, they are working and you are just happy to not be buying uniform anymore let alone lecturing them on their sex life.

Why should you talk to your kids about sex?

Why not? Its time to not be embarrassed about SEX. Let’s be honest about abstinence and even birth control. What they learn elsewhere may not be true, the TV lies, the internet lies, their friends are lying! Talking to them about sex helps them to develop healthy attitudes and responsible sexual behavior. It can even help to develop healthy emotional and physical relationships when they enter these dinky boyfriend/girlfriend situations they be so trip over.

We have to start talking about. We have to stop being afraid and sweeping things under the rug. I mean for a country where sweethearting is such a big thing you’d think we’d talk about sex more!

A little bit of research on find age appropriate ways to talk about sex in your house hold can go a long way.

So why how about it? Let’s talk about SEX!

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Grocery Shopping Haul

Grocery Shopping Haul

This week I was very bad! I purchased Lunch every single day! Anyone who knows me knows this is certainly not my style. I live life on a budget and while an occasional Lamb Gyro here doesn’t hurt it certainly isn’t something I practice.

Simply put, I had no choice. My fridge was empty, cupboards was empty, even the cats bowls was empty.

So finally I hit the grocery store and to my surprise I didn’t have to cough up over $200.00. Here’s what I managed to get!

Look at my trolley! (Fact: Trolleys are being made larger to trick persons to thinking they haven’t purchased enough items). 

I felt real good about my purchase and even better when I had tip left over for the packing boy!

Let’s dissect this for a minute.

Fruits and Vegetables

I’ve been trying very hard to get my family to eating more healthy. Sorry I got lazy and they are still wrapped in bags but here I got romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, grapes, Idaho potatoes, limes, oranges and sweet pepper.

My highlight here was the 5lb bag of potatoes for $1.89 and the oranges which were 3 for 99cents.

The meat department was very clean and well organized. I don’t think I am use to all the space that was available for me to twirl my trolley around!


I didn’t see any meat packages listed but the individual pricing wasn’t that bad at all. Here I got ground beef , pork chops, portion chicken wings (for that Curry!!!), petite steak and porkloins.

Highlight here was the porkloins at just $6.04 and the petite steak were  $2.99. I’ve gotten this at the other guys for over $6.00 average same size so win win here.

Sunny D (hubby started drinking before I took the pic) was 2 for $5 which seems to be normal at the other stores and I was a bit disappointed on the cold cut selection. It was either ham or turkey and they didn’t offer a lot of brands to choose from but over all I was able to get 2 boxes of cereal (Navy picked that milo thing), 2 yogurts, hot dog, bacon, eggs, wheat bread, bagels, cheddar cheese, turkey cold cut, and egg0.

Nothing to really highlight here but I do like the brands of cereal they have and although it’s generic for $3.09 you can’t tell me that isn’t the real honey bunches of oats!

A side from that I filled my cup board with canned goods and other staples. Spaghetti, tuna, chicken noodle soup, condiments, sugar and spices.

Highlight here was the spaghetti which was either 2 for $3 (chef boyardee) available in assorted flavors but you know us Bahamians it’s all spaghetti even if I bought beefaroni. Or you can get the Libby’s brand which was 99 cents a can.

Keep in mind this is all grocery. I did pick up a few toiletries that tipped the budget but still were good bargains.

You can’t tell me this isn’t Charmin and for $6 total win. If you buy this and have kids please watch them or you’ll need a me 😑 that toilet will be so clogged! That’s how thick this is!

Overall, I was happy I paid a visit. I maximized my budget and walked it a winner!
If you have any tips or suggestions on where you get your bargains leave a comment!

Till next time..


*disclaimer* This was my opinion and based on my experiences. Xtra value food store is not affiliated with this post.