Step Right Up – The Holiday Carnival

Step Right Up – The Holiday Carnival

You never really  see it coming, one day you’re driving and notice a little sign around the round about “Holiday Carnival” or you may pass the set up area and see trailers off loading and then you know. It’s here!

(Video cred Michael Culmer 242 in the know)

Round and Round we go! McCafferty Enterprises sets up on Fort Charlotte and once again gives us locals another fun  time at the  Carnival. Not sure if they were hoping to gain the attention of tourists with the location change but with twice as much space and twice as much dust you can be sure that the new location adds to the nostalgia of the Holidays.

You won’t find an issue with parking although some areas are more well lit than others, there is ample space on either the eastern or western side of the Carnivals entrance. Being that I drive a particular vehicle that starts with the letter H I was particularly concerned but nonetheless it’s probably no safer than my own yard.

Once in expect to pay $7 for adults and $5 for kids age 3 years and younger/in a stroller are free of charge, but don’t quote me as this price seems to fluctuate (was told it was $5 for adults and $3 for kids but who knows)


Now you’re in!Fun begins and money starts to spend! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Depending on the age group most rides for younger kids start at 3 tickets and go up to 6 tickets  for the more mature crowd. Tickets are $1.25 each. This year they reintroduced the packaged tickets which for me made much more sense money wise.

With two kids in tow I purchased the family sheet and was on my way! I would imagine with a larger family you would need the larger package. Shoots even I was borderline low on tickets and found my self back on the line trying to balance out the last few rides so budget accordingly.

One thing I liked this year was that the tickets can rollover to another day (again don’t quote me). Normally you would have to use all of your tickets during the same visit or forfeit it all, ticket agent assured me this was not the case but I still tried to use just about all that I purchased. Oh but bear in mind there is no reentry.




This year there was over 15 rides not including the games, your favorite 25cent Glass throw, Balloon darts, I mean they all came back.

They brought back all the favorites and then some like the YoYo, Gravitron, Merry Go Round and Mr.Dragon!


Yes the Over and Under table is still there and yes so is the Kalik tent! Word of advice the Kalik tent has water for $1 the other guys has it for $3.


Traditionally I never buy food at the carnival with the exception of a few must haves like the pizza and of course cotton candy. I was surprised to find most vendors were actually “affordable”.  Had I not already infused in my child’s brain the promised of a my little pony toy from Mickey D’s I would have no issue treating myself to some chicken and fries!



Please keep in mind especially with little kids that bathroom situation is port a potties.  I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of these things and unless I missed it there is no where to wash your hands. So if you don’t already take LOTS of Hand Sanitizer hand towels tissue…yea I think you get the idea or better yet just leave at this stage.

As usual over all the experience was a memory maker and with Arawak Cay right next door it made for the perfect time to stop and enjoy some fritters with the family and over look the harbor. Yes it is expensive but like MasterCard commercial the smiles I get is priceless.

Until next time…

The Holiday Carnival 

The Holiday Carnival 

Let’s talk about the Carnival.

No not that Carnival!

This carnival!

For as long as I can remember every year around the Christmas break the “Carnival” comes and give us Bahamians something to do other than go to Junkanoo.

Yay right!! I mean we can’t go the beach all year round!

Not gonna lie I use to look forward to the carnival every year as a child. I mean the rides, the games, the candy apple and the PIZZA!! The carnival was the spot! It was so good sometimes my family and I went more than once.

There was nothing more magical than riding past that ole beat up sports center and seeing those lights in the distance.

Now that I have pickneys of my own that holiday tradition is still carried through except this time I could barely do half the stuff I did when my dad took me.

I mean the popcorn was $4.00!! That’s a value meal at Wendy’s 😑.

The entrance fee was the same for both me and my six year old and if my one year old wasn’t in a stroller or held up I would’ve paid for her too…ugh no 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Once inside the same ole magic reappeared from when I was a child until I reached to the ticket counter.

$1.25 a ticket.. Like a bus ride is the same price as a carnival ticket. But let’s continue…

The carnival tried to offer some kind of sensibility to this madness.

Insert the family sheets.  I got 26 tickets which I figured would be more than enough for a six year old, right?

So of course we get to the dinky fun rides and all of them are minimum 3 tickets… (There goes my sheet!)  The kids rides barely lift half a foot off the ground but I digress. Round and round my daughter went, circle after circle for nearly 5 minutes or more (maybe less I don’t know I was dizzy and over it )

Believe it or not there are about 25 rides in that place one for every age group, not including the games, the food stall and let’s not forget the Over and Under Table.

By far the best ride my six year old went on was the obstacle course! I admit it was pretty cool and I wanted to go in more than once. Totally worth the $ 3.75.

And then there was this guy. I mean 4 tickets for this bs… Stay away from Mr Wiggle Wurm. He did nothing! Like more circles 😑

After spending $4.00 on popcorn I had to find the lady with them chicken and fries. I made a bad call earlier and I couldn’t mess up again!

In between we caught a few fish for $5.00 per game. Got a few stuffed animals , popped some balloons for $10.00 (3 darts) hit up the pizza lady and ugh yea!

Carnival experience was complete!

Times have changed, the price tag certainly has changed but the Carnival still boasts a great family experience.

So even if you didn’t win big at the “Big Bang” there’s still something to look forward to and that’s family time!

Till next time