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Tell us about Asline !

I am 26 yrs of age, born and raised in the Bahamas. I grew up on the island of Eleuthera, Spanish Wells. I’m the fourth out of 13 siblings and a single mother to my amazing son Ahamarri Knowles who is 5 years old and will be 6 on New Years Day. I’m currently employed at Cacique International where I am the Accounts Payable/Receivable/Inventory Clerk. In addition to that, I’m also a full-time student at the University of the Bahamas where I’m majoring in Accounts and minoring in Finance. I had joined UB once called the college of the Bahamas in 2009 however, I relocated to Sojourner Douglas College. After three years of attending Sojourner and being close to receiving my degree, they lost their accreditation. As a result, all of my credits with Sojourner was no longer of value and I had to start all over again at UB. I could’ve given up on my furthering my education but I was so focused and poised on the goal of attaining my degree that I started all over again. In life, there will be difficult situations put before us but it is important to always remain focus and go after our goals. Nothing great comes easily, therefore, we must be ready and willing to put in the work. I got pregnant at 19, had my son at the age of 20, went back to school six months after his birth, failed at finishing when I wanted but nevertheless, I am still going hard after what I want. I grew up in a humble home. Growing up as a child, we lost our home to a fire, since then it’s been hard. Sometimes I reminisce about the nights my siblings and I cried during bedtime because we went to bed hungry. Those thoughts fuel my days, fuel my ambition and inspires me on a daily base. I’m a free-spirited, optimistic, hardworking and trustworthy person. I’m the shoulder everyone cries on and the person to run to the rescue when others are in need.

Why Blanc Notes?

Blanc Notes started as a result of my wanting to challenge myself. This year, I told myself that I will begin to master some of the things I always found hard to do. Apart from being a full-time student in the afternoons, I landed a hosting job. I hosted a show called Count Down to Carnival. It was amazing. For someone that had never done anything like that before, I nailed it!! The most exciting part of the show was being able to interact with people from all walks of life. Hosting the show raised my confidence and made me realize that anything you put your mind to can be obtained because the sky is the limit. It was then the idea of having a blog was generated. Though my writing skills were not up to par with many bloggers, I didn’t care, I wanted to do this, I wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to use my blog to perfect my writing skills. having no clue what to blog about I began putting ideas together and writing down everything I was most passionate about. I came up with Entrepreneurship, Saving, and Investing. I wanted to write/blog about things that were different. I’ve always been one to stand out. I also wanted to do something that people would actually benefit from and learn from. I wanted to motivate people, uplift them, empower them and make them realize the importance of going after their goals. Blanc Notes is my baby and I plan on taking her much further than she is today. I launched my website October 1st, 2017 and as of today, I have over 13,000 reads with the majority of the reads coming from the Bahamas.

 Walk us through what a normal day of yours looks like.

I’m an early bird. I get up about five in the morning, get my son ready for school. Because I work out west he has to be dropped off by 8 and I have to be to work by 8:30/8:45. My job sometimes requires me to go on the road to do business runs so there are times when I’m away from the office for hours thus causing my paperwork to pile up resulting in me having to work overtime sometimes. My son has a pick up so I don’t have to worry about getting him from school allowing me to be able to make it to my afternoon classes on time. After class, I head home where I have to get homework done with my son and then we have my homework, I have to cook and also hit the gym. However, in between all of that, I have to also make time for my significant other. Can’t leave him out lol. He’s been a tremendous help with my son and makes balancing all of the things I have going on easier. I also conduct interviews during my lunch hours when persons cannot make it to an interview on the weekends. And then I have to find the time to go back to these interviews and turn them into a blog/article. My life is can get pretty INSAAANNEEEE!!! 😱😰😰 But I love it that way. I love the feel of a productive day.

Describe your family in five words!






It has to get busy balancing it all, how do you prioritize your to-do list?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, therefore, I write things down a lot;my days are pretty much pre-planned. If you’re not on my schedule, I pretty much won’t have the time for you unless there’s an emergency and I have to reschedule someone else for another day. The family will always have its first place on my to-do list. When life gets overwhelming my son has his grandparents I can turn to or my significant other who loves him like his own. After my nine to five I focus on school and my blog.

 When you do get a moment to yourself what is your ultimate go-to activity?

Food Food Food. lol. I love food. I would travel to the end of Nassau and back just for food. However, I love kicking back and spending time with my family. I’m also pretty creative so during my spare time I’d sew or crochet hats or scarfs…etc and I love to read. I’m a book junkie.

What inspires you to do more?

My son is my biggest inspiration. Being a single mother, it gets really hard. I don’t ever want to be in a position where I’m incapable of doing something for my son. I want to be able to give him all of the things I never had. I want to show him what it’s like to achieve your goals if you work hard towards them. Children watch us closely and I want to be more than a great parent, I want to be an amazing role model. But just as much as I want to do it for him I want to do it for me. My happiness depends on it. A person is incapable of making others happy if they aren’t happy with themselves. And there’s no greater feeling than finally achieving a goal you’ve worked hard towards.

 Being a mother, what is your proudest mom moment?

Oh, this one is so so easy. My son signed himself up for a competition at his preschool called Dandelions. At this competition, my son introduced himself in two different languages and recited a four-stanza poem called Hey Black Child, all of which he learned in the space of two days. His performance was outstanding. In the end, the judges thought that there was to be one Master and one Misses of Dandelion as opposed to there being two winners from the Primary section and two from the preschool section. My baby won OVERALL. Though the judges made the corrections, the fact that he won overall in the first place was one of the most AMAZING MOMENTS EVER! My four-year-old was chosen over the primary school section. Very AMAZING FEELING.
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