Introducing Tavara Simon – Mama of Month

Tavara Simon is a mother, wife,  and the founder and creative mind behind the Glow Candle Company. Want to know about how Tavara builds her empire one candle at a time? Read on…


MB  Tell us about YOU and what you DO!

TS I am a believer, a wife, a mother of two miracles and a self taught chandler. My family is my priority and candle-making is my passion. I find joy in the simple things in life, especially those moments spent with my husband and children. From sunshine and songs, to  hugs and homework to family nights and fun days, I call them my “dash” and I live for them all 🙂
Coming from the most humble beginnings, I have come to appreciate the littlest things as big blessings. I have discovered purpose in passion and encourage others to do the same. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated and creating memorable moments with the people I love.

MB Do you have a full/part time job? Do you have a side hustle? What are they?

TS I work a full time day job in hospitality and a full time evening job as a candle-maker.
With encouragement from family and friends, what started out as a hobby in candle-making has blossomed into a passion driven, fulfilling business. Glow specializes in handmade all natural soy wax candles and melts and aromatic gifts such as diffusers, poo-la-la toilet sprays, mopping oils, sugar scrubs and more.
I use my business platform to promote positive vibes, loving out loud and pursuing purpose with passion.

MB Walk us through a normal day of yours. Soccer games, daycare, work, dinner, and ballet practices, what’s involved?

TS My morning typically starts with devotions, making breakfast, getting the kids dressed for school and school drop offs. Extracurricular activities in the evenings allow me time to do house work and prepare for the day ahead. Dinner usually consists of takeout or meal prepped food depending on the day.  Evenings agenda consist of bath time, homework and bedtime stories when time permits. I usually spend late nights/early mornings a few times a week candle making and taking care of the business.

MB How do you prioritize your to-do list?

TS I tackle my to do list by doing the hardest things first and by setting specific amounts of time to spend with other tasks.

MB Do you get down time in your day? If so, what’s one thing you do for yourself daily?

TS I rarely get downtime but when I do I enjoy vacation planning, surfing the net, bumming around the house and reading.

MB What inspires you to do more?

TS Making a difference in the lives I come in contact with. Making people feel like they matter.

MB What is your proudest mom moment?

TS Every single milestone and accomplishment of my kids truly mean the world to me so I couldn’t chose just one.


Lastly any advice for other #momprenuers that may just be getting a bit discouraged?
 Stay grateful, humble and authentic.  Work hard, believe in yourself, treat yourself often no matter how small and never give up. 
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See you next month!!!

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