Kandice V R Cargill – Mama of The Month

Meet Kandice! Our Featured M.O.M for the month of September. Aside from running a floral empire Kandice has been juggling being a new mom and wife. Want to take a peak inside a typical day in the life? Read on…

Tell us about YOU and what you DO!

I’m Kandice – mommy to the most incredible Jaxon D. M. Cargill, wife to Dr. Tyneil Cargill, and step-mom to Jayden and Jayla Cargill. I’m currently a florist by trade, but I’ve been pursuing a career in Marketing & Public Relations since earning my degree in 2006. Though I love working with flowers, my true passion is seeing one of my design concepts come to life – whether it be with graphics, events, or flowers.

Why flowers? How did you get started in floral design?

I have a habit of transforming a hobby into a profession. I’ve done it before with graphic design, then with events, but in recent years, I’ve been hooked on flowers. I’ve found that flowers, though more costly to produce, yield a greater profit, faster. Plus, I’m continuously learning with flowers – new varieties, new techniques, new ways to incorporate shape, texture, and color in a strong, balanced design while giving each bloom its own opportunity to be a showstopper. It has proven to be the most lucrative outlet for my art and design as well as it allows me the flexibility to balance work, home, and family.

Walk us through a normal day of yours.

A normal week day – The sounds of Jaxon’s sighs gets me up by 7am. After giving him some ba-ba, I change his diaper, then we play and watch Mickey Mouse Club House until 8:30 when his beloved Miss D comes to his rescue. Miss D, Jaxon’s nanny, takes over so that I can get up and organized to start the day. By 9am, I’m either setting up my day of arrangements or headed to a wholesaler to get last minute supplies. By 1pm, arrangements are done and I’m headed on the road for deliveries. Deliveries may take a couple of hours, but I also use the time to run errands or pick-up more supplies. Because of the personalized nature of the business, I almost never have everything I’d need to complete an order – which can be a drag! By 4:30, I try to be back home because I have an hour to catch up on paperwork or simply catch myself before Miss D leaves. By 5:30, I’m back on Jaxon duty praying that he wears himself out to take a short nap. That way, I can at least concentrate on dinner before hubby gets home. If Jax does go down for a nap, he’s up by 8:30 and is in full out crunk mode until about 10:30 or 11 when he has his bottle and finally retires for the evening. What a time! 

P.S. The evening nap time is actually convenient for me; his timeline is aligned with mine. We both retire at the same time. {For the Negative Nancy’s out there ;}

Describe your family in five words!

Colorful. Dramatic. Blended. Balanced. Evolving.

How do you prioritize your to-do list?

Jaxon is top priority – if he’s organized, my next responsibility is work. My husband and I are both entrepreneurs; if we don’t work, we don’t get paid. If we don’t get paid, then the little luxuries that we enjoy would be no more. So after Jaxon, whatever is necessary to sustain the hustle takes priority. 

Do you get down time in your day? If so, what’s one thing you do for yourself daily?

The point in which I get down time is probably the only time I get to “rest my eyes”, or more than often, it’s probably the first time I’d eat for the day! While I’m on time out, I’m probably eating while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, though I probably should be paperwork, collecting payments or responding to e-mails and WhatsApp orders. 

What inspires you to do more?

The simple fact that I want more out of life for my family and my career. 

What is your proudest mom moment?

I don’t have just one, but Jaxon makes me pretty proud to be his mommy whenever some total stranger walks up to us and says, “Hi Jaxon,” and he gives the biggest, most genuine grin. I’m blessed to have a happy, healthy baby.

Bonus  Question! Lastly any advice for other #momprenuers and #mombosses that may just be getting a bit discouraged?

Take everything in stride and do not feel like you have to take it all on. While you may be concerned that your child will slow down productivity, be open to it being a blessing. When I got back to work after having Jaxon, I was deliberate about what work I would and wouldn’t take on. I stopped bending over backwards to accommodate last minute or fruitless orders. He actually put my work into perspective – no more spending more time doing extra and seeing no return; no more chalking it up to “marketing.” When you’re on borrowed time, you quickly realize where you should be spending your time – with yourself and your family. You’re suddenly forced to work smarter. This mommy-ing thing gotta go with sense!


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