A Guide for Four Eyes

A Guide for Four Eyes

Today I am letting a secret out of the bag. I order all of my prescription eye glasses online! Some for playtime, some to be professional and others just because! I let loose when it comes to purchasing eye glasses  simply because I get them all for under $100.

Of course I could never get prescription eye wear at that cost locally. I once spent $500 on prescription eye glasses alone and no it wasn’t name brand and no this did not include the doctors visit!

So naturally when my glasses took a turn for the worse I knew I had to seek elsewhere.

If you are a four eye like me then you’d like what I stumbled upon. Here’s my top three go to prescription glasses websites. I use them because the platform is easy to use, prices are right, selection is awesome and the warranty policy is amazing!

  1. ZenniOptical.com – Here you can upload your picture and try on glasses virtually  to get a feel of how you will look. This was one of the only sites I found that you needed to know you Pupillary distance or PD. PD measures the space between the pupils of your eyes. There are infographics on the website that help you to measure this. You can find more info on this here. Once you order you receive a kit inclusive of a case, wipes and a ruler to measure PD for future orders.
  2. Coastal.com – I got my favorite glasses from Coastal. It was lightweight and perfect for everyday wear. I was super bummed out when hubby accidentally sat on it and twisted the frame. Luckily it was affordable and so I just ordered another! This site also has the option of uploading a picture and trying on the glasses. I especially loved that they had photos in the review comments of real customers with the glasses I wanted.Coastal offers the name Brands like Calvin Klein and Derek Cardigan among other top players. The eye wear came with a case and a spray for cleaning purposes.
  3. Eyebuydirect.com – This site is one of my new favorites! I stumbled upon EBD after I experienced the joys of Coastal and Zenni. I really do order too many glasses! I fell in love with the quality, selection and of course the price! My orders all came with a mini screw driver kit and in a super cool box! EBD also offered the upload tool. All glasses came with scratch resistant coating.

So now that you know where to go how do you order you may ask? Its really not as hard as you think. Once you find the eye wear that you want you just follow the directions for each site.  Here’s a real quick and easy guide to get you started.


Most just ask you to fill in your prescription information. The information requested on screen is almost as identical as it is on your prescription. They do offer additional items for example added protection for using computers and other digital products, automatic tinting, scratch resistant lens, glare resistant, I mean the options are endless. But be careful they do add up!

I know I’ve been talking about glasses but all of these sites offer prescription contacts as well! I just have a thing about sticking something in my eye!

If you order glasses online what are your go to sites? Happy Searching and Seeing (literally).

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A Slice of Little Caesar

A Slice of Little Caesar

What started out as a routine Saturday filled with paying bills and grocery shopping turned into a slice of fun. I am still not sure if it was a grand opening but Little Caesars sure turned up. This stop wasn’t planned at all, in fact I had no idea they were even open.

The popular pizza brand Little Caesar has made its way to the sunny isle of the Bahamas, Nassau to be specific. Tucked  away  just between The Nassau Guardian and Xtra Value food store you’ll find Hot – N – Ready pizzas starting at only $7!

Ok first things first, the food. I know you want to know about the food! Despite the slogan, no pizza was ready upon my arrival. But, if this was indeed a Grand Opening I will give these guys the benefit of the doubt, they must have been slammed with customers and I completely understood. The attendant was more than pleasant and promised me a Hot – N – Ready pepperoni pizza in 10-15 minutes or less.

The time was easily spent. Unbeknownst to me a mini fair was going on right outside that was hidden away from the street entrance. This distraction would more than help me to kill time (clever, clever Little Caesar’s).

Equipped with balloon animals, bounce house, popcorn, snow cones, party bags and yes the Little Caesar Mascot, my kids were more than entertained. At one point I was so engaged we almost forgot about the pizza, ALMOST.

So, how was it? Well worth all the freebies I got and then some. Oh, yea I forgot to mention all those items above were free!

The pizza was eight slices of cheesy pepperoni  goodness. I know what you’re saying, oh gosh another pizza franchise. But the pizza is ready, you know almost like drive thru but you walk in and supposedly walk right back out, so no wait time, plus did I mention it tasted great?

Most grand openings are a huge mess. You know long lines, uneducated staff, sometimes even burnt food but Little Caesars gets my $7, but then again I am still not sure it was a grand opening.

Have you tried it yet? Whats your favorite pizza?

Till next…

Quick Recipe: Mason Jar Salad

Quick Recipe: Mason Jar Salad

It’s no secret I love food. I mean I just spent the last weekend overdosing on hot cross buns and baked macaroni. But despite it all I do try to make subtle changes to my diet that will come off to some as eating healthy. Small things like replacing cow’s milk with almond milk, swearing off hot dogs and I’ve even abandoned the fire engine aka corn beef (although there is still two cans  in my cupboard as I speak).

My new project was the Mason Jar Salad.  This super quick recipe makes for a perfect lunch and can be made days ahead saving me tons of time and money! It was real easy and took me maybe 10 minutes max.

Quick Mason Jar Salad

Here’s what I used:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • California Mix Vegetable Blend (Included broccoli, carrots and cauliflower)
  • Tuna Salad
  • Dressing of your choice
  • Mason Jar

And Voila!



Photo Cred: Thesnug.com

There is a trick to making the Salad however so everything won’t get all brown and soggy.

Here’s how I put my salad together:

Ingredient 1: Salad Dressing.

Ingredient 2: California Blend

Ingredient 3: Tomatoes

Ingredient 4:  Tuna Salad

Ingredient 5: Lettuce

In that Order.  The strategic placement of each recipe helps to keep the salad fresh and avoid it getting all mushy.  Easy right?

Be sure to leave enough space at the top so you can shake it all up when you are ready to eat…or not entirely your choice.

I got most of my ingredients from Xtra Value Food Store and Solomon’s. The Mason Jar was from Kelly’s.

There are so many cool recipes that I plan to try in the upcoming weeks, too include fruits and nuts. What are your favorite recipes?

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How I Cut The Cable Cord

How I Cut The Cable Cord

Recently I ditched cable. I’ve been making baby steps but ultimately I cut the cord.

I’ve seen persons talk about, read articles about it, but could this actually work, and in the Bahamas?

I remember when we got cable in the early 90’s. It truly was the best thing since slice bread, the channels were endless. We had everything from BET to Animal Planet with no additional cost. But then I grew up and well things changed.

The price went up and the options sorta kinda sucked.

So naturally being, well,  me I thought I’d try life without cable. 

At first I couldn’t just go cold turkey. I reduced the packages I had and went back to basic. I turned in one box at a time, weaning myself slowly for the inevitable. 

Easy right?

OK then I got myself an android box, watched some YouTube tutorials and got Kodi up and running. If you’re looking for a great YouTube tutorial try this one here.

At first I only used Kodi. It’s like the ultimate android box app and really if you don’t have it you’re probably not using your box right. But then I missed live TV. Sure Kodi had some Live TV functions but it never seemed to work right for me and when it did, it was very limited in options. So I had to do some more searching. I got tired of watching the shows after they broadcast, I wanted to be in the know and live in the moment!

Here is where I discovered Mobdro. Mobdro has to be one of the best Live TV Apps out there right now. The options are pretty good even without paying for the premium edition. I did hit a snag when I first started using Mobdro however, my android box though quad core, which according to reviews and whats not seem to have great capabilities, wasn’t quite good enough to stream the live shows. I kept getting a time lag where the words moved much faster than the picture and that was driving me nuts.

Insert Amazon Firestick! This bad gal gave me zero issues. The speed and the definition was on point. My android box was a bad ass but Alexa, she’s good people. I’ve had zero issues with Mobdro since.

I also discovered USTV now which also offers Live TV channels. Both Mobdro and USTVnow are free. How can you beat free? They do offer premium options at an additional cost but I am quite content with what they have to offer for free. If you’re thinking of downloading here are the links below.

USTV Now      Mobdro

How could I divorce cable without getting Netflix? This is probably the only app I pay for and well it’s worth it. My sister thinks I am crazy as I can probably find the same things that are on Netflix on Kodi but how can you not love it. Plus the user interface makes it much easier when Navy wants to put on some silly show like Larva! (Have y’all seen this crap?)

Of course I still have internet and phone with the cable guys, but now my bill is under $100 bucks a month so I really can’t complain. I did need to increase my internet speed with a little WiFi booster. There are local stores like this one here that has a great selection!

 I did consider “flowing” with the other guys but after waiting nearly a month for installation that relationship was over before it started.

I know what you’re thinking. But what about the news? My mom asks me this all the time.  Really, I don’t care much for the news but if I do need to find out whats going on there’s good ole Facebook (no not Bahama News Ma Bey!) where the Tribune and Nassau Guardian issue live updates should there be something ground breaking going on. Also I have no issues watching it on Kodi through the Phoenix add on, then there’s newspapers and I hear it every morning on my drive to work.

I imagine with time these things will need to be updated or even replaced with another new program but for now this works and it’s working great.

So there you have it. I cut the cord! Did you?

Till Next Time…