While many may have had dieting as there 2018 goal, I was determined to add more volunteering to not only my portfolio but to my heart. I especially wanted to have my kids along for the ride to show that there is more to life than a Baby Alive Doll and pepperoni pizza.

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of HashtagLunchbagBahamas, an initiative that originated in Los Angeles in 2012 and made its way to Nassau in 2015. Three years later, Brown paper bags filled with all of our favorites including delicious sandwiches, cookies, popsicles and a hint of love are distributed to the local community to help combat hunger while spreading love and cheer.

Bright and early with the goal of 1000 Lunch Bags, Volunteers and Donations, HashtagLunchBagBahamas was a machine chugging away and I was along for the ride.

Naturally,  I arrived late (cause you know kids) but I was pleased to see that HLBB was a well oiled machine. Tristan had the volunteers hyped, there was music blasting, the energy was amazing and the volunteers were so into it. I was honestly surprised when I entered the room, didn’t expect that much excitement on a Saturday morning.

There were all walks of life already in the mix Dream Nation, Sororities, Fraternities, Individuals like myself. I was happy to see that there were other kids in the room as well. I had already briefed my 7 year old that we were helping to feed the less fortunate so she was already excited!

Every one had a role to play to make the day successful. There were what I like to call graphic designers who decorated the brown paper bags with inspirational images and sayings, and also persons who wrote Love Notes to accompany every bag.

Then there was the sandwich assembly line. Not gonna lie I wanted to eat a sandwich so bad, they looked so good! Wheat, White, cheese, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomatoes. YUMMY!

And then there was my station, making sure the wonderfully designed paper bags were opened and stuffed with all of the juicy bits.



Eventually Navy took on a role of her own leaving me to man my own station of filling the bags,  she quickly became in charge of the “Love Notes” transporting them back and forth and yes she owned it.





Dilly and Becky (her doll) needed little supervision as well surprisingly. All we needed was wifi, YouTube, a cozy corner and eventually she settled right in.

It’s distribution time and first stop was Gambier. Aside from a dog that probably just wanted a bag as well we were well received by the community. It really did my heart well seeing people actually eating the items in the bag.

Of course towards the end Dilly got cranky, battling nasal allergies, her runny nose and nap time had threw in the towel and I was only able to participate in one drop off.

While I may have been able to be more productive I’m glad my kids came along and that I was able to contribute one stuffed bag at a time!

At the end of the day 1100 bags were distributed to the various stops! How amazing was that !!! Hats off to Lincoln, Tristan and Nikki Jae from another amazing experience!

If you are interested in being a part of HLBB be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram and visit the website to be updated on the next event.





Until next time!!



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